Michelle Dove & Brian Howe: Lure (out now) / by Brian Howe

Lure cover.jpg

Lure is out today; listen on SoundCloud or Bandcamp. Get the limited edition cassette at the live performance at the Nightlight 15th-Anniversary Party on Feb. 23

Michelle Dove says:

Making the 11 tracks on this “record” that is not quite poetry and not quite music has taught me more than I could’ve imagined going in. Writing is solitary, so when Brian Howe approached me about collaborating I was excited but unsure of myself. We started creating sounds to start, then recording our voices and discovering where they fit in relation to each other. Now months later, Brian and I are terribly excited to give you LURE, a poetry and sound collab that nothing’s like anything I’ve made before (Brian is a deep-seed in sound poetry!). Breaking your own forms or structures is crucial perhaps for growth. We like to think of LURE as less a record of songs and more a séance that corrals sound and language. We hope you will give it a listen and see where it lands for you. We’ll also be performing a live variation of a few tracks for NL 15th Anniversary: Night 1 of 5 on Friday, Feb 23. And we’ll have LURE cassettes at the show! Link to stream LURE or to purchase the cassette / aka Valentine’s séance for your boo.

Brian Howe says:

As we release our electropoetry collaboration, Lure, today, I want to co-sign and add to what Michelle says in her release note. It’s kind of her to characterize me blurting out “we should make something!” as an “approach,” but I’m glad I did and am kind of amazed at what that haphazard door-knock opened into. It was clear right away that michelle and I had similar affinities for spooky poetry and drone music. It was also clear as we started to experiment that she “got it,” this obscure thing I’ve been doing off and on for like 12 years. As soon as she got her hands on the tools she started making sounds that made me say whoa. I have usually done this work with me doing all the music and arrangements, with others contributing only voices or jammy instrumentation. But in this case, Michelle and I were full coauthors, both contributing words and sounds and mixing. Her new energy shook me out of my old tricks, which was thrilling, and she and I are also very different writers and readers despite a certain common sensibility, which produced exciting contrasts. We spent a good four months at least letting this artifact coalesce, and now were working on a live version, a whole other dark garden to grow. I’m excited for y’all to hear this, which you can do on my SoundCloud (link in comments) or Michelle’s bandcamp, where you can also preorder the limited edition cassette that we should have in time for our live debut at the nightlight 15th bday party on feb 23. And I’m happy to have made a rad new friend through collaboration!