Thanks AAN / by Brian Howe

After eking out a second place for arts features two years ago, stoked to snag that gold medal from the Association of Alternative Newsmedia Awards (for arts criticism), and to be in good company with INDY colleagues past and present: Byron Woods, Victoria Bouloubasis, Erica Hellerstein, Sarah Willets, and V.C. Rogers all won or placed. Thanks AAN.

2018 Association of Alternative Newsmedia Awards

ARTS CRITICISM circulation under 40,000

1st PLACE: INDY Week: Arts Criticism (IIIIII) by Brian Howe

2nd PLACE: Orlando Weekly: (IIIIII) by Jessica Bryce Young, Richard Reep

3rd PLACE: Charleston City Paper: Spoleto Festival Reviews (IIIIII) by Mary Scott Hardaway

HONORABLE MENTION: INDY Week: Arts Criticism: (IIIIII) by Byron Woods